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Company formation in the UAE

Our company has been providing consulting services for over 15 years in the United Arab Emirates. We specialize in company formation of any organizational and legal form and obtaining licenses of any type, as well as in opening bank accounts for companies in the UAE and obtaining tax certificates. Also, we are ready to quickly resolve the issue of obtaining a residence permit in the Emirates.


We offer:


1 - Registration of companies in one of the 50 Free Economic Zones in the UAE with 100% foreign ownership,

2 - Registration of offshore companies in special offshore jurisdictions in the Emirates;

3 - Registration of companies outside the FEZ with and without a local partner;

4 - Company formation from 48 hours;

5 - Fast obtaining of all necessary licenses;

6 - Obtaining Tax Certificates;

7 - Opening bank accounts for companies in the UAE and outside the UAE;

8 - Fast obtaining of a residence permit in the Emirates;

9 - A residence permit obtaining for investor’s family members;

10 - A full range of services for the selection of residential and commercial real estate for investment purposes;

11 - Any type of business support in the Emirates;

The main advantages that an investor receives via company formation in the UAE include:

- Almost complete absence of taxes on almost all types of companies and activities in the UAE;

- Lack of income and corporate taxes;

- No restrictions on the output of dividends and capital;

- 5% VAT;

- Possibility of company formation with 100% foreign ownership;

- Ability to quickly obtain the status of a tax resident in the UAE;

- Obtaining a residence permit through company formation or investing in real estate;

- Convenient and secure banking system;

- No restrictions on banking operations;

Our specialists are ready to offer the best conditions and affordable prices, as well as to satisfy all the needs of our clients arising in the process of a new company registration or a company branch opening in the UAE and adapting to the international market in the Middle East.

If you have any questions related to company registration or business setup and migration to the United Arab Emirates, contact us via email: info@business-in-uae.com or via the contact form and online chat. We are glad to advise and provide all the necessary information.

Free Economic Zones

Companies or branches formation in more than 40 Free Economic Zones. License obtaining.

Offshore Companies

Offshore companies formation in the UAE. Company assets optimization. Assistance in liaison with government authorities of the UAE.

Bank Account Opening

Corporate and personal accounts opening in the UAE Banks for residents.

TAX Residency

Tax Certificate. Assistance in tax residency obtaining in the UAE.

Residence Permit in the UAE

Assistance in a residence permit obtaining in the UAE via the company formation or the purchase of real estate.

Real Estate Acquisition

Sale and purchase of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. Assistance in transactions processing or the broker check out.

Verify the company trade name

Verify the trade name of your future company for uniqueness and accessibility for registration. Reserve the name of the company for it's further registration.


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